2019 Summer Bouquet Share

2019 Summer Bouquet Share


The 8 week summer bouquet share will begin in August. The exact date will be announced once the growing season gets underway and we see how kind New England's spring is to us.  Each week the mixed bouquet will be designed with what’s best in bloom, offering variation and surprise.

Choose to pick up on Wednesdays from 3-7pm on the farm in West Brookfield OR Fridays from 3-6pm at Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace in Worcester, MA.

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CSA Summer Bouquet Share

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is an arrangement where consumers purchase a share of goods directly from the farmer prior to the start of the growing season. This model provides cash flow for the farm at an otherwise dormant time and connects you directly to the farm responsible for growing or raising the goods you purchase.

Your membership to Bell Brook Farm’s CSA program helps us purchase items like seeds, plants, compost and operating supplies. In return, you'll receive a weekly bouquet filled with unique and sustainably grown flowers picked at our farm in West Brookfield just hours before you arrive.

In addition to supporting local agriculture and the american grown flower movement, you’ll play an integral role in revitalizing a sustainable farm within your community.